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New Bowflex Equipment

As a personal fitness instructor, I have tried just about every single bit of home gym and exercise equipment on the market today. So welcome to the fantastic world of Bowflex where the goal of the Bowflex company is to ingrain a more healthy lifestyle and to help those who need to shed excess weight. As observed in infomercials, much hype surrounds these trendy workout devices. There are so many to pick from, and they all promise the same thing: the physique you’ve always wanted, together with an overall enhanced lifestyle, but the numerous methods offer different workouts.

We have recently added a few of these Bowflex machines to our gym so feel free to use them. There is certainly a hurdle to climb, however: some systems may not be sensible for the way an individual wants to workout. So be sure to ask a member of staff if you are not certaiNew n how to use them.

our new bowflex machineIf you are thinking of getting one of these for your home gym you should know that Bowflex has been producing Bowflex home gyms for about 20 years as of the writing, and such equipment is extremely popular. They’re not cheap, though, so be prepared to spend a reasonable amount of cash if you want to buy a machine for your home. The good news is that if you are not happy, the organization has a trial period and will refund your money. But they won’t refund the delivery costs, which can be enormous for the size of exercise machines. So, it may be helpful to try out the product you’re thinking of, if possible, before getting it. Well, you can try them out here, at the Burgundy Weightlifting Committee.

Now obviously, to get results, these machines need to be regularly used. That is what most home gym consumers just won’t do. One reason might be the exercise is never convenient to become a habit. Another could be laziness. Yet another reason that people don’t succeed could be that the equipment is so large and cumbersome that it uses up a significant amount of living space, creating resentment in the owner. Strangely, this would get more use in the event that the person was to go to the gym to use it.

Traditionally, Bowflex machines use bows to create resistance. The more recent Bowflex Revolution uses a method that mimics traditional weights through the use of numerous discs with built-in tension coils, in contrast to bars. The Bowflex Revolution comes with 220 pounds worth of discs and can provide around 100 workouts when obtained from new. Exactly how many individuals will really take advantage of all 100? Probably very few. The Bowflex Revolution works off a machine using a bar that is set, or resistance, therefore it’s not as particular a workout as you would get from free-weights.

I am often asked which of the Bowflex machines is best. Well, I recommend you take a look at the following link which takes you through the pros and cons of the best Bowflex machine. In my personal opinion, the Bowflex Revolution is probably the best that we have here. However, as I have found out, it is perhaps not the best machine for tall folks. Those more than 6 6′ will extremely probably discover it to be a little small for them. As an example, There just won’t be quite enough extension to do leg presses that are correct. For our tall members, we have alternative equipment available.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about these new pieces of equipment or ask your local gym instructor.

Welcome To The Weightlifting Committee

Welcome to the website of the Weightlifting Committee, Gym andĀ Strength Athletic club,

  • Any suggestions or remarks will be taken into account, the members of the office and the professionals are listening to you! A suggestion box is at your disposal at the reception.
  • Apart from the officials, no one is allowed behind the reception desk.
  • An attendance book is in place on the reception desk, please note your time and day of arrival.
  • Parking is not great. Try to leave room for two cars to park between two trees.
    Thanks in advance

Introductory sessions every Wednesday from 2 pm.
Sportswear: tracksuit, tee-shirt, shoes
Access is allowed to all members of the club with no age limit for learning weightlifting or gymnastics


  • For safety, children are not allowed.
  • For hygiene reasons, take a towel that you will place on the benches and machine before using.
  • In order to train in clean rooms, it is essential to have a pair of clean sneakers .
  • Be sure to store the equipment after each use.


  • Think about hydrating you especially during classes.
  • Provide sneakers that fit well on the feet.
  • Children are not admitted during the fitness classes.

Fitness Lockers

  • Avoid leaving your valuables in the locker room, storage lockers are at your disposal.
  • The club disclaims any responsibility for loss or theft.
  • To avoid too much water in the changing room, please wipe in the showers and leave the cloakroom clean.The Sauna is free !!!!!
    The sauna is available in each cloakroom with a display of use. Any opening of the sauna should be reported to the educators.
    You must keep this place clean and as a hygienic measure you have a towel.