Welcome To The Weightlifting Committee

Welcome to the website of the Weightlifting Committee, Gym andĀ Strength Athletic club,

  • Any suggestions or remarks will be taken into account, the members of the office and the professionals are listening to you! A suggestion box is at your disposal at the reception.
  • Apart from the officials, no one is allowed behind the reception desk.
  • An attendance book is in place on the reception desk, please note your time and day of arrival.
  • Parking is not great. Try to leave room for two cars to park between two trees.
    Thanks in advance

Introductory sessions every Wednesday from 2 pm.
Sportswear: tracksuit, tee-shirt, shoes
Access is allowed to all members of the club with no age limit for learning weightlifting or gymnastics


  • For safety, children are not allowed.
  • For hygiene reasons, take a towel that you will place on the benches and machine before using.
  • In order to train in clean rooms, it is essential to have a pair of clean sneakers .
  • Be sure to store the equipment after each use.


  • Think about hydrating you especially during classes.
  • Provide sneakers that fit well on the feet.
  • Children are not admitted during the fitness classes.

Fitness Lockers

  • Avoid leaving your valuables in the locker room, storage lockers are at your disposal.
  • The club disclaims any responsibility for loss or theft.
  • To avoid too much water in the changing room, please wipe in the showers and leave the cloakroom clean.The Sauna is free !!!!!
    The sauna is available in each cloakroom with a display of use. Any opening of the sauna should be reported to the educators.
    You must keep this place clean and as a hygienic measure you have a towel.

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